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Engraved Heartbeat Couple's Rings in Sterling Silver | Feel Each Other's Heartbeat

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Product Details
Material 925 Sterling Silver
Color Silver
Width  0.23"(6mm) for Men / 0.15"(4.3mm) for Women
Thickness 0.04"(1.1mm)
Size 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Share our Heart Beat Couple’s Rings – This sleek ring features an EKG graphic on the outside. Inside, your secret sentiment is worn next to his skin. The inner engraving can be anything you like: Your name, a special date, or something else entirely. This wonderful ring is made of high-quality rhodium-plated brass. 

Features include:
Classic pulse graphic on the outside
Engraving inside ring
Woman band in a shiny finish and Man band in a matte finish.

The sentiment with the gift will let your recipient know they're in your mind and heart. When she wears this ring, she'll be reminded that the memory created between you will be forever treasured.